Bath and Body Works Is Reopening Some Of Their Stores. Here’s What We Know.

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Today is a day to celebrate because I just found out that Bath and Body Works is re-opening some of their locations!

This store is my go-to spot to pick up some of my favorite lotions and shopping on their online website wasn’t doing the trick!

One of the perks of walking into a Bath and Body Works is sniffing out your favorite scent and trying their product testers yourself!

We’ve missed you Bath and Body Works and I know you’ve missed us! You can use their store locator to see if the store near you has re-opened!


But before we just walk right in, Bath and Body works has a few procedures they prefer customers to follow and even new guidelines the store itself has in place.


Customers must practice social distancing at all times in the store. Retail stores will also have social distancing markers on the floor for individuals to keep a safe space around each other.

Face masks are also required at all times.

According to their website, Bath and Body Works will be providing hand sanitizer to customers throughout the store and limiting the amount of people who can enter at once.


Bath and Body wants to also remind everyone that they are cleaning the store and frequently touched areas regularly!

They are also providing face masks and hand sanitizer to employees to ensure everyone is following protocol!

Wellness checks will also be administered for all employees and plexiglass will be installed at the register at every retail location.

It looks like Bath and Body Works has our backs in order to shop safely in their stores! The first thing on my list, is picking up a few candles!


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  1. What stores are open the Los Angeles Area zip code 90015 or 90063 or 90640
    I have been waiting for the store to open up because Bath and Body works is ready the only one I use
    Please advise when the store in these zip codes will reopen
    Thank you MaryAnn

    1. There’s not one bath and Body Works store that’s open in California at this time, 7/16/2020.

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