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This Brutal Heatwave Is Causing Roofs To Melt, Runways Are Buckling, And They’re Wrapping A Bridge In Foil

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It’s freakin’ hot. And when I say it’s hot, I mean it’s like the 5th level of hell hot.

If you remember reading Dante in school, there are only 7 levels of hell. We are almost there. Wicked hot!

All this heat is not only harsh on us people that have to endure it, it’s becoming a problem for infrastructures around the world.

Check it out. It’s so hot that buildings, bridges, runways, and roads are freakin’ melting!

A Runway At London Luton Airport Was Melting In The Heat

Flights are temporarily suspended to allow for an essential runway repair after high surface temperatures caused a small section to lift.

London Luton Airport

According to Penn State College of Engineering, concrete will expand and contract with changes in temperature. In fact, MOST materials will expand when heated or contract when cooled.

When free to deform, concrete will expand or contract due to fluctuations in temperature. The size of the concrete structure whether it is a bridge, a highway, or a building does not make it immune to the effects of temperature. The expansion and contraction with changes in temperature occur regardless of the structure’s cross-sectional area.

Penn State College of Engineering

This is the phenomenon that is making the runway buckle and bend in the heat.

A Bridge In London Was Wrapped In Foil Due To The Heat

Foil? I use foil to bake my food. Wouldn’t this make it hotter?

No. Actually, wrapping The Hammersmith Bridge in silver foil was a calculated move to reflect the heat off the bridge.

— Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s world leading engineers have installed a pioneering £420,000 (roughly $503,000 American) temperature control system to keep the bridge at a safe temperature and alleviate any stresses on the pedestals.

Hammersmith & Fulham

They’ve Had To Paint Train Rails White In London Because Of The Heat

As you might imagine, the metal train rails get hella hot with the sun beating down on them all day.

In an attempt to keep the rails cooler, crews have been painting them white.

The rail temperature here is over 48 degrees Celsius (118 degrees Fahrenheit) so we’re painting the rails white to prevent them from getting hotte

Network Rail

They are warning people to “travel only if absolutely necessary.”

A Museum’s Roof In China Melted From The Heat

In the city of Chongqing, the hellish temps led to the roof of the Forbidden City Cultural Relics Museum melting, this according to CNN.

The heat dissolved the underlying tar, causing the traditional Chinese tiles to pop off.


Pipes Are Bursting In Texas Because Of The Heat

My brother’s family lives in Texas, and he keeps texting me pictures of the ridiculous heat.

Weather App

They are also under a drought, with no measurable rain in over 40 days!

The extreme heat and lack of rain dries out the ground to the point it shifts, causing main breaks.

City of Fort Worth news release

It’s so hot and dry there, they are having a rash of bursting pipes. That’s never good, AMIRITE?!?

Through 8 a.m. Monday, Fort Worth Water had 476 main breaks in 2022, with 221 of those in the past 90 days. The telling number is the 182 in the last 30 days – over 38% of the yearly total.

City of Fort Worth news release

I know there are people who LOVE the summer heat, but I have never been more ready for fall weather in my life!!

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