Cheer Up Your House By Putting Up An Easter Tree

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What do you do when you are stuck inside your same walls all day every day? Why, you pull out your Christmas Tree, and decorate it for Easter, of course!


Easter Trees are the new trend to bring a little sunshine and springtime cheer into our homes, and I’m jumping onboard with BOTH feet!

It’s a GREAT way to get the kids up and moving, and bring a little happiness and color to our homebound families.

You simply start with that Christmas tree you have hanging out in the attic or basement. Drag that bad boy back out, and set it back up!

I had my kids make brightly colored Easter Ornaments to go on the tree, but you can also use things you buy from the store.

I suggest, when buying your Easter decorations, get them online, obviously. You have to respect that six-foot distance rule!

It’s also totally fun to look through all the decorations online. Target is a GREAT place to go find all your SUPER cute Easter needs!

Put your tree in a place where everyone can see it, and have your kids help you decorate it with all the fun, colorful Easter decorations. You can EVEN put bright, colorful lights on your tree!

Then, you’ll be left with a gorgeous, bright-colored tree that is perfect for welcoming Spring and Easter.

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