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You Can Get A Crocheted Starbucks Frappuccino For The Person Who Is Obsessed With Coffee

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You can get a crocheted Frappuccino, because why WOULDN’T you want one?


EVERYONE — myself included — is obsessed with all things Starbucks. Whether it’s making one of their tasty Copycat Java Chip Frappuccinos at home, or ordering — my favorite — the Caramel Macchiato, we just can’t get enough of our Starbucks coffee.


Why not commemorate that obsession with a stuffed Frappuccino — that comes complete with a crocheted green straw — that can be displayed on your desk at work or your dresser at home!


Katelyn Jackson, owner of the heartsandcraftsUS shop on Etsy, crochets these super-cute, life-sized Frappuccinos. She custom makes each one, and you can even decide what “Flavor” you want by choosing a color!


Each crocheted Frappuccino takes one to two weeks to complete, and it will cost you $32 for a full-size stuffed beverage.


It is important to note, you are actually getting the COMPLETED project, and NOT just a downloadable PDF file to complete the crochet project yourself.

Katelyn does charge $7.40 to ship you the stuffed Frappuccino — BUT — if you spend more than $35, in her shop, she will ship your order for FREE.

She has several other GREAT completed crochet projects you can purchase, like this giant crocheted heart. Wouldn’t this be GREAT for a medical or nursing student?!?


She also has this completed crocheted Alexander Hamilton doll. Wouldn’t this be PERFECT for someone that loves the musical, Hamilton?


You can get your crocheted Frappuccino right on Katelyn’s Etsy site.


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