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Demi Lovato Says She Has Struggled Feeling ‘Isolated’ In Lockdown and It’s Relatable AF

I am going to say it – I LOVE Demi Lovato. She is real and completely relatable.

Sure, she may have money and fame but she is still a real person with real feelings and she’s not afraid to share those with the world.

In fact, Demi got real honest recently during an interview where she admitted that She Has Struggled Feeling ‘Isolated’ In Lockdown and OMG me too!

In an interview with CNN she said:

“I’m a very social person and so not being able to see people, I’ve felt very isolated at times and my anxiety and depression has come back in waves and luckily I’ve done a lot of work and I have tools to help me out with that. But there are a lot of people who don’t have those tools.”

Demi Lovato

Here’s the thing – I refer to myself as a selective social person meaning I am social around certain people I am comfortable with but nonetheless, I feel every word she said in my soul.

As she continued the interview she said:

“Just have compassion. Know that you’re not alone, that a lot of people are going through exactly what you’re going through as well.”

Oh man, those words are so refreshing. Sure, I’ve told myself them a thousand times but to hear someone else say it, it’s refreshing.

Demi has been so open and honest with her struggles including her fight with depression, anxiety and even addiction. I applaud her for speaking out and being an advocate for everyone struggling right now.

We love you Demi and please keep being you!!

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