Farmers Are Making Ear Warmers For Their Calves To Protect Them From Frostbite And They Look Adorable

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Oh my word! You have to admit, a little baby calf is just about as cute as cute gets.

But, stick some ear warmers on these little babies, and GAH!! Cuteness overload!

Cold weather can be especially harsh for calves, because they are smaller, and not as hardy as their larger counterparts. So, farmers have taken to protecting these little guys (girls?) by sticking ear warmers on their heads, and it’s ADORABLE.

Courtesy of Triple P Farm on Facebook

I have a friend who says, “They are just animals, get over it.” To him, I say Stop being a grinchy grinch. This is the kind of cuteness I need in my life. It brings immense joy to the feels.

If you want to get technical, and see all the reasons why a cattle veterinarian thinks protecting the calf from the freezing temperatures is important, you can go HERE and read a nice informative paper on calves and frostbite.

Courtesy of KWQC

While you go read that very technical and interesting paper, I’ll just be over here,”Awwww”-ing at all the baby cows in their cute ear warmers!!

Courtesy of Vita Plus
Courtesy of Michael Gardino on Facebook

I hope your day has been pleasantly made much happier by calves in ear warmers!


Are you ready for some more cuteness overload? Check out these baby moose calves and their momma, that were caught on camera in the backyard of one Alaska native, and I now I want to move to Alaska so moose will hangout in my backyard.

Courtesy of Ronald Rydstrom

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