Edible Colored Apples Exist And They Look Like Something Out Of A Fairytale

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We know that you know, that there a handful of brands to choose from when it comes to purchasing apples at the grocery store.

To name a few, there are Honeycrisp apples, Granny Smiths, crunchy red apples and the list goes on.

Similar to the countless number of brands representing apples, the traditional red and green colored fruits aren’t the only apples that can be paired well with peanut butter or caramelized!

Apparently, there are more than just two colors to the apple color wheel including vibrant blues, golden yellows, pearly whites and midnight black.

Courtesy of @Gorgeous

According to a facebook video that has gone viral reaching nearly 4 million views, over 100 thousand likes and 2 thousand comments and climbing, this video shows real apples that are differently colored than the traditional fruit we’re used too.

Courtesy of @Gorgeous

To prove that the apples are indeed real, each colored apple is cut in half showing what the fruit looks like inside including a few shots of the vines and trees they grow on are caught on video too!

Courtesy of @Gorgeous

You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and so do the blues, blacks, yellows and white apples too!

Courtesy of @Gorgeous

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