My Feet Stink…

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So much so that I made an informative graphic:

Now that I’ve just come out there and admitted it, I feel much better. I hate socks, and I hate shoes more. If I could just wear flip flops year round I would, but it’s been like snowing in Texas so that’s not really an option this winter. Which means, my feet are all cooped up sweating into my shoes and socks, and just straight up stinking. Ugh.

I know what you’re wondering…

Why would I admit this on my blog?

Well, because I think it’s confession time. Sometimes when I am writing I have a lot of trouble letting my characters get embarrassed. I hate to watch people in awkward situations, and I try to protect my characters from it. So, in an effort to help them through the flushed faced life of a teenager, I figured I would just come out and embarrass myself.

So, I’m Jamie Harrington and my feet stink.

Do you want to embarrass yourself today? Leave it in the comments!

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  1. Just came across this. My name is Dave, and my feet stink. And that’s just how it is!

  2. My wife enjoys me giving her head however I learned something she’d been hiding from me for months! she always pulls a blanket over my head when doing this to her and I found out why! she sniffs her damp sweaty sock while i make her ejaculate…..Hmmm always wondered why she’d bring the blanket downstairs when I performed on her at the couch,but.she’d always return the blanket back to the bedroom when I finished her off.from time to time.

    ps:I come home from a weekend fishing trip …….and seen the BLANKET on the couch!!

  3. Oooh, confessions! I always love a good confessions session.

    I drive too fast, and I’m annoyed way more than I should be when people drive the speed limit.
    .-= Elana Johnson´s last blog ..Good Vs. Done =-.

    1. @Elana Johnson, When I first got my license, we still had the good old “reasonable and prudent” speed limit here in Montana. It was possibly the best things EVER.

      It didn’t last long though. The reinstated a speed limit (still higher than many states, but a limit nonetheless) before I was even able to take my first real road trip.

      Not that I am bitter about that or anything.
      .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Me, me, me =-.

  4. I already confessed on Twitter, but I’ll confess here. Not about feet.

    I realized that if I dinged someone’s car in the parking lot , I would not leave a note. If someone dinged my car and left a note, I would not accept any money. I’d be like pfff! You seen my clunker? Repair a scratch? Ha! I think that you should expect a perfect car when it’s new, and after that, dings and dents come with the territory. If I wouldn’t pay for a dent-repair on MY car, I’m not going to offer to pay for yours either.
    So, if you have a nice car, don’t park too close to me.
    .-= Kater´s last blog ..Smiley Ball 15 =-.

    1. @Kater, Okay, that’s a true confession, and I love it. I think it just inspired my blog post.

  5. I am afraid we are the opposite. I’m not sure I have smelly feet but if I do, I don’t care. The smell for me outweighs the weirdness of not wearing socks.

    I can’t NOT wear socks. Okay, in the summer I wear flip flops. That’s fine. But when I’m in the house, I have to wear socks.

    When I go to bed, if I’m not wearing socks, I CAN’T SLEEP. Yes, it’s true. If I happen to kick my sock off in my sleep, I will WAKE UP. I’ve tried sleeping without socks on, you know on those hot sweaty nights you speak of so highly, and I just get this tingly annoying feeling. They feel naked. Not just I’m-in-the-shower naked. No, my feet under the blankets feel like they are in-the-high-school-gym-in-front-of-everyone-I-know naked.

    It’s a terrible feeling.

    Sock nakedness occurs in 9 out of 10 Americans. Let’s make an effort to cure this disease. =D

    1. @JentheAmazing, HAHA! That’s so funny. Seriously, if I have socks on at night then I get like crazy weird dreams and stuff.

      *shudder* sock dreams…

  6. Um, ok. I’d like to join the stinky-feet crowd and proudly admit that there is a stinkification curse on my feet and indeed, at one point, my husband actually made me keep my shoes out of the closet to keep the stink away from his clothes…so sad. Of course, I now change my shoes several times a day and so I don’t have that problem anymore, but that’s another story…For reals–I won’t share that one.

    1. @Chantal Kirkland, haha I have this shoe de-funker. It totally works. I’ll show it to you!

  7. I eat cookies while I stand on the WiiFit balance board because it takes too long for each exercise to load. I’m not sure if the cookies or the workouts are winning.

    – Liz
    .-= Liz Czukas´s last blog ..Goodbye Hypocrisy =-.

    1. @Liz Czukas, I really only have one thing to say about this…

      chocolate chip or peanut butter?

      1. @Jamie, All cookies are welcome. Except white chocolate macadamia nut. They can just stay the H-E-double-hockey-sticks away from me.
        .-= Liz Czukas´s last blog ..Goodbye Hypocrisy =-.

  8. To the best of my knowledge, my feet smell OK. I do, however have an irrational fear of shopping carts. I don’t like to be near them in the grocery store, and I’d rather make two trips through with a small basket rather than having to push a cart around myself. No, it’s not a germ thing. I don’t know what it is. Something about being able to maneuver around easily, I think (in case a fight broke out on the produce aisle and I needed to escape, natch).

    I feel so much better now that I’ve confessed!

    .-= Tawna Fenske´s last blog ..24 hours with Hot Lips =-.

  9. Me too! But I, unlike you, do wear flip flops year round. I annoy anyone that hangs out with me because I keep complaining that it’s cold. “Put some dang shoes on then!!!”

    But I don’t wanna copy your embarassing fact even though I presume you are NOT alone. ::waving::

    My embarassing fact is foot related though. I hate pedicures. I hate anybody touching my feet. Foot massages are like torture to me. I hate my feet being touched so bad that I once broke an ex-boyfriend’s nose because he thought my squirminess toward feet was a foot fetish. My instinct to kick with my heel to the bridge of his nose proved him wrong. We broke up not too long after that. Oooooops. 🙂
    .-= Jeanie´s last blog ..Is a personality sellable? =-.

  10. This is genius. I also have stinky feet.

    I stare at cute boys in cafes and make them characters as I write. If they visit the cafe often and I need a writing muse, I go back.

    How stalker-esque of me, eh?

    1. @Kristy Colley, haha I totally do this. The barista at my old coffee shop has made more than one appearance in my stories!