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My Feet Stink…

So much so that I made an informative graphic:

Now that I’ve just come out there and admitted it, I feel much better. I hate socks, and I hate shoes more. If I could just wear flip flops year round I would, but it’s been like snowing in Texas so that’s not really an option this winter. Which means, my feet are all cooped up sweating into my shoes and socks, and just straight up stinking. Ugh.

I know what you’re wondering…

Why would I admit this on my blog?

Well, because I think it’s confession time. Sometimes when I am writing I have a lot of trouble letting my characters get embarrassed. I hate to watch people in awkward situations, and I try to protect my characters from it. So, in an effort to help them through the flushed faced life of a teenager, I figured I would just come out and embarrass myself.

So, I’m Jamie Harrington and my feet stink.

Do you want to embarrass yourself today? Leave it in the comments!

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