WiP Wednesday #4

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24105 / 65000 words. 37% done!

wip-wednesday I officially made it past the 20k mark in my book! I feel like that is such a milestone. It’s when the book kind of starts gluing itself together and revealing all it’s juicy secrets to you. You start to fall in love with all the right characters, and learn to love hating the others! This book is such a fun story that I can’t stop writing it just because I am dying to find out what happens next!

Sketch is my new favorite villain of all time. I don’t need no stinkin Joker!

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  1. Wohooo! Congrats! 20.000 is a great number and you are doing quite quickly 🙂
    I’m dying to read more from Sketch. It seems the kind of villain I’d love too.
    Go on! Go on! Cheer leader mode on 🙂

  2. Dropping in from kate’s. Another WIP wednesdayer here. Way to go with reaching 20K. Glad you are having fun writing. I’m finding it fun writing about the villains – creative imaginations are good to have.

    My WIP Wednesday is here

    Happy Writing!

  3. Congrats on reaching 20K – it sounds like that is a good place for you! For me on the other hand 20K is usually the place where I first hit the wall, and have to take a break to do some major plotting work. Hope you don’t run into any such walls, and that you keep moving forward!