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The 2021 Funko Pop Harry Potter Advent Calendar Is Here, So Accio It To Me

EEK! It’s here! I am all for anything Harry Potter, so when new stuff comes out, I AM READY!

Last year, I got the 2020 Funko Pop Harry Potter Advent Calendar and was NOT disappointed!


Now, this year has all new outfits, characters, and goodies! And they aren’t giving us much of a preview, so the suspense is real over here!


I love this style of Harry Potter in his robes! We can also see Ron, Hermione, and Dobby in their styles this year!


This is the only other picture available, BUT it does show a thestral which wasn’t an option last year, so we know theres more new characters in store this year! But you better RUN to Amazon to order this now!!