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Here’s How To Get A Year’s Worth Of Flights For $599

You can get a whole year’s worth of flights on Frontier Airlines for $599.

What? This must be a joke, right?

Nope. I’m serious.

Frontier Airlines is introducing its brand new Unlimited GoWild! Annual Flight Pass, and for a VERY limited time, it’s just $599.

Now, unfortunately, this pass is only available to people over 18 years old in the United States.

But, this would make one HECK of a holiday gift for someone who qualifies!!

Frontier Airlines’ Unlimited GoWild! Annual Flight Pass

First of all, this is an introductory rate ONLY. That means the price is going to go up — way up — after the introductory rate has finished.

The GoWild! Pass will renew at a rate of $1,999 next year, unless you decide to cancel it beforehand.

So, for heaven’s sake, DON’T FORGET TO CANCEL.

There’s also a little catch. You can only book domestic flights the DAY BEFORE your journey.

It kinda makes planning ahead a little tough, because flights are subject to availability. If they sell out, you’re pretty much out of luck.

You can fly internationally, but only to Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America — and those flights can be booked 10 days in advance.

There are also blackout dates. For a list of days you can’t fly, check out the Frontier Airlines website.

You don’t want to book maybe flights. Unless you are packed and ready to go, don’t secure yourself a flight. No shows will be penalized.

Once you pay the $599 GoWild! Annual Flight Pass rate, you will still be expected to pay a little per flight.

According to CNN, “Passholders will be able to book flights for a fare of $0.01, plus taxes, fees and booking charges, which start at $14.60 per segment.”

If you plan to bring baggage or get an assigned seating, it will cost extra.

Even though there are quite a few side notes and stipulations, this is still a great deal!! You can finally check traveling to different states off your bucket list.

To take advantage of this GoWild! Annual Flight Pass rate, you have to jump on it NOW.

The introductory rate of $599 expires 11/19/22 at 1:59am Eastern Time.