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The Grossest Food

Okay, for starters. I love the word gross. I appreciate how it’s just one of those words that sounds like what it means.

Gross. It rolls around in your mouth almost like you’re gonna yak right there.

Love it.

Earlier today, we were running errands and my four year old ended up scoring us some free lollipops with her cuteness.*

So, I was standing in the parking lot talking to a friend while we were both eating our suckers and it dawned on me: Lollipops are straight up the most germ infested, funky candy ever.


We stick those things in our mouth, and then we pull them out. They’re all covered in our spit and whatever else is in the mouth.

(I can only assume it’s those tiny bugs on my artist’s rendering above.) 

At one point, I actually caught myself enunciating my point with my cherry sucker. How nasty is that?

Why are we eating these things?

Why are we handing them to our little children?

Have you ever seen what a kid does with a lollipop?

One time I caught my daughter sharing hers with my Pomeranian.

I just wish they weren’t so damn delicious.

*If you don’t have a cute 4 year old, I highly suggest getting one because they score free stuff like there’s no tomorrow.

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Sunday 26th of March 2017

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Tuesday 23rd of February 2010

YEah, I agree they are pretty gross! haha, but I am soooo addcited to them, I suck on one like every's really bad for my dentist usually scolds me about it. .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Top 5 Posing and Directing Photography Tips =-.


Wednesday 24th of February 2010

@Kelly, mine does too. I am always like can't we like put caps on my teeth or something so I can have some lollipops?

Daisy Whitney

Tuesday 23rd of February 2010

Love that photo!


Wednesday 24th of February 2010

@Daisy Whitney, aw thanks!

Rhonda Cowsert

Sunday 21st of February 2010

LOL. Yes, it's gross but seriously? If the things I did as a kid didn't do me in (10 second rule anyone? Popsicles covered in dirt and bugs and let's not forget drinking directly from the garden hose...after 10 of your closest and germiest friends), then a lollipop covered in germs doesn't stand a chance! :) .-= Rhonda Cowsert´s last blog ..Incompetence is NOT An Art Form! =-.

Callie Forester

Sunday 21st of February 2010

lol...I sanitized everything for my first kid. By the second one I only sanitized the stuff that went directly into her mouth. By the third kid "Sanitizing" the pacifier had gotten reduced to sticking it in my mouth to make sure I got the dirt off for the baby.

Strange the things parenting will do to you. In retrospect, that's a pretty GROSS thing to do. At the time it seemed totally normal.

The fourth and fifth kids didn't get anything sanitized. They just sucked up dirt. lol...they are fine and thriving though!Even with their habit of sharing popsicles (another disgusting food ) with whatever one of the five dogs or four kitties that is on their lap at that moment.