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This Genius Hack Shows You A Simple Way To Keep Those Bags Of Food Closed

I love a good life hack, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Thank you, TikTok, for always bringing us the best hacks for everything from shredding chicken, to making that viral 3-ingredient iced coffee, to making the perfect tortilla wrapped sandwich.

Now they are showing us something that we can all use — heck, I can use it nearly every single day.

Have you ever had an open package in the freezer, and it doesn’t stay closed. It makes everything taste like disgusting freezer burn, and you are usually better off just throwing the bag out.

Well, thanks to @TheFoldingLady on TikTok, we now have an awesome yet simple way to close those bags of food in the freezer — and it doesn’t involve trying to dig a chip clip out of the junk drawer!

In this TikTok clip, we see @TheFoldingLady open a bag of frozen french fries. But, she doesn’t cut the bag all the way across, like people usually do.

Instead, she cuts a rectangle out of the top center of the bag.


After she pours her frozen fries onto a cookie sheet, she takes the two “handles” that are now at the top of the fries, and ties them up.

This can work with any plastic food bag that you have in the freezer.


Just cut out a rectangle at the top, making those two “handles,” and then you can tie those “handles” together.


Your bag of frozen goodies will now stay shut. There is no need for chip clips, paper clips, rubber bands, or whatever gadget you usually use to close your food bags.

See, simple yet so incredibly awesome.

And, you can use this hack to close ANY bag of food — chip bags, bags of produce, even bags of cereal!

You can see @TheFoldingLady’s TikTik clip HERE.

What other hacks do you know that might make life easier?