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This House Only Has An Underground Passage As An Entrance And I Want It

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I have seen so many amazing and unique houses, but I think I found one that has me in LOVE!

This may seem like another fancy schmancy house (I mean, it does cost 15 million dollars!), but this has so many unique features that it tops my charts of amazing houses!

For starters, this house is located on it’s own island! Talk about social distancing!

But this house requires you to use an underground tunnel to access the house. You have to travel by bridge to an underground tunnel, which leads to an 8 car garage! Talk about a childhood dream come true!!!

It also includes an elevator, a 12-person movie theater, two wine rooms, a cigar and poker room, a full gym and locker room, a sauna, a bar lounge, an indoor grotto, and an outdoor pool.

Even with all of the amazing different options this house has, the décor and set up of this house is just pure art. I think someone entered my dream state and created my own dream home.

Now I just have to come up with the money before someone else snags it up because it is currently on the market!

It’s only 15 million dollars, so I guess I’ll start saving up now. I don’t think there is a more perfect house out there!

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