I Watched Every True Crime Series On Netflix And Now I Hate Life

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I’m getting ready to take my first road trip since the coronavirus debacle, and I’m a little freaked out.

I’m jumpy, but it’s probably not for the reasons you are thinking. Sure, we haven’t gone anywhere since the coronavirus debacle of 2020 began, but that’s not the reason I am a bit on edge about the trip.

True Crime. That’s right, I’ve freaked myself out with tons of true crime stories.

I have been going through a phase — is it still a phase if it has lasted pretty much solid for the last four months? I can’t get enough true crime.

I have blown through every true crime saga on Netflix — Don’t F**k With Cats STILL gives me the creeps just thinking about it!

p.s. Don’t watch Don’t F**k With Cats if you want to sleep peacefully tonight.

Courtesy of Netflix

Every single day, I watch about 4 episodes of Murders, Mysteries, and Makeup Mondays. Don’t judge. Bailey Sarian is AMAZING, and the stories are insanely good!!

I listen to true crime podcasts while I am working — from home — by myself — with a backdoor that won’t lock. Is it the smartest choice? Now, I’m thinking no, but I like to live dangerously (no, I don’t).

Ghost stories, serial killer stories, weird death stories, possession and exorcism stories, cannibal stories — I’ve been devouring them all!

But, here is the problem. Now, I am going to be taking a trip to a beach — which has plenty of ghost stories written and told about it (Blackbeard haunts the place, y’all!).


I am staying in a house I’m not familiar with, in a neighborhood that I know nothing about, and — get this — there isn’t a key to the house. *Gasp* It has a keypad, that has a code — which pretty much anyone working at the rental agency has access to.


Y’all. I’m scared. I’ve been excitedly planning this trip for the last 6 weeks, but now that we have come down to the wire — well, let me tell ya, I wish I hadn’t been so dead set on absorbing all the true crime leading up to this adventure.


What if I have to stop to use the little girl’s room at the gas station? According to True Crime stories, that is where the boogie man likes to hang out!!


What if my dog runs off into the woods at a rest stop? That is where all the dead bodies are found.


What if I see an unmarked white van with no windows driving down the road. You KNOW nothing good can come from that!


Y’all — what if there is a clown?!?!?


The funny thing is, I refuse to watch scary movies (Halloween, Saw, The Exorcist — I’ve seen NONE of them). They are too REAL for me, and they scare the bejesus out of me. But, give me some true crime, and I’m all over it. *Eye Roll*

So, I guess what I’m saying, if I’m not back in a week, send help. It means one of the ghosts — or worse — got ahold of me!

Tell me it’s going to be okay. Do y’all have any fun true crime or ghost stories you can share? You KNOW I’ll listen — and then I’ll be freaked out for days!!

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