Aldi Has A 7-Foot Inflatable Dinosaur Sprinkler And Now Summer Can Officially Start

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Looking for some prehistoric fun? Aldi has an Inflatable Dinosaur that is not only fun to play with, it hooks right up to your water hose, and sprays water out his (her?) mouth! How super fun is THAT going to be for all your summer festivities?!?


I don’t know why I am so surprised. All the coolest of the cool finds can be found right on the aisles of Aldi. Yet, they continually amaze me!

If the Weather Channel is correct, we are headed into one of the hottest summers on record. Be prepared for oppressive heat and gallons of sweat. Not fun.

We need all the awesome summer finds, in order to keep us cool and help us have tons of fun in the sun!

Don’t worry, Aldi has us covered! Right on the same aisle that has all the great Aldi Finds, they have this totally amazeballs Inflatable Dinosaur, and I’m getting it for my kids.


It’s only $40, and it’s a whopping 7 feet tall! It just hooks up to a standard water hose, and it stays in place by filling its base with water.


Aldi has tons of awesome summertime finds, like this Nest Swing that you can hang right in the shade of your favorite big ol’ tree.


They also have these yumtastic Unicorn Ice Cream Cones that will help beat the heat. I can’t wait to try them!


This beautiful Boho Swing was found right on the aisles of Aldi for $40! Gah! Isn’t it FANTASTIC?!?


I LOVE Aldi. You have to just go check out their Aldi Finds aisle, and see all the goodies they have! Let us know if you find something AWESOME!!

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