25 Instant Pot Recipes That’ll Be Instant Favorites!

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If you haven’t heard of the Instant Pot yet, you’ve been living under a rock.

It’s okay, though, because the fact that you’re reading this means you’ve moved and there’s hope for you yet. Instant Pot is an updated version of the pressure cooker, and probably the best thing you’ll ever add to your kitchen.

And yes, the Instant Pot is a safer way to pressure cook. Plus, it makes it super possible to make easy pressure cooker recipes.

With recipes for Instant Pot meals taking minutes instead of hours (the instant cooker is so much faster than your slow cooker), your family can have a home cooked instapot meal ready most of the time in 30 minutes or less.

Talk about fast food! I am all about a quick and easy weeknight dinner.

These 25 Easy Instant Pot recipes will be instant favorites in your home in no time, and you’ll feel like a regular Julia Childs – minus the slurred words and empty bottles of wine. Enjoy!

25 Instant Pot Recipes You Will Actually Make

25 Instant Pot Recipes That’ll Be Instant Favorites!

Instant Pot Recipes

1. Want to try a pressure cooker classic? Check out this delicious pot roast!

2. Make this key lime pie recipe when you really want to treat yourself right.

3. Forget that Italian restaurant, this is the last zuppa toscana you’ll ever crave!

4. The only thing bad about these chicken enchiladas is how easy they go down. Instant pot chicken is actually one of my favorites, because it keeps the chicken breasts so juicy.

5. If strawberry jam is your jam, this is going to be music to your ears!

25 Instant Pot Recipes You Will Actually Make

6. Panera’s copy cat Broccoli and Cheddar Soup is the best way to warm yourself on a cold day (without leaving the house).

7. This shredded Mexican chicken is what happens when Mexican chicken goes to a gym and gets swole. I save the chicken broth in this to make chicken noodle soup with later, or you can even add some boiled eggs and do a Mexican egg drop thing.

8. This asiago chicken mushroom risotto is all about the cheese. It’s basically the ultimate side dish.

9. These beef gyros with tatziki sauce are everything you love about gyros, without having to try to pronounce the word ‘gyros’ in front of strangers.

10. Street taco barbacoa is like having a Mexican food truck in your kitchen (Abuela not included). It’s pretty much beef stew in a taco.

25 Instant Pot Recipes You Will Actually Make

11. This hamburger helper doesn’t come from a box…and it’s ready in only four minutes!

12. Tasty ginger garlic drumsticks will give you a sweet, savory flavor that’s anything but boring.

13. Delicious chicken tikki malsala is an Indian restaurant favorite…but when you make it at home you can choose just how hot you want to go.

14. Hawaiian kaula pork is like living on the Island, but it probably won’t get you lei’d. Instant pot pork also stays super moist and delicious.

15. Next time you have a party, make this 10 minute spinach artichoke dip. It’ll make your guest feel inadequate about their own lives.

25 Instant Pot Recipes You Will Actually Make

16. Cheesecake. You can make freakin’ New York style cheesecake with your Instant Pot.

17. Tamales are like spicy little food tubes of joy.

18. Make baked potato cheese soup when you need a hug from inside. I adore a good potato soup.

19. Delicious chicken florentine is so fast to make in your Instant Pot that you’ll wonder why you ever ate out.

20. Oh me oh my-a, jambalaya. Nothing says instant comfort food like jambalaya.

25 Instant Pot Recipes You Will Actually Make

21. He pulled Tandoori Chicken right outta the hat, he did! Right in front of everyone! Best magic trick ever!

22. I’ve never tried these giant pancakes, I’m just glad they exist.

23. No more ordering in Chinese and being hungry again in an hour. Now you can make lo mein at home in just a few minutes!

24. I don’t know if barbecue ribs taste better coming out of a pressure cooker, but they take way less time.

25. Try this easy apple butter next time you want to give a gift with love.

25 Instant Pot Recipes You Will Actually Make

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