Fans Have Started A Petition To Help Bring Back Johnny Depp As Jack Sparrow In The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

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Since the multiple accusations circling around Johnny Depp and his relationship with Amber Heard, the famous ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor has been blacklisted in Hollywood.

Even Disney has severed ties with the famous actor.

However, even with cut ties there have been a few rumors circling on social media that could potentially bring back Johnny Depp in his most famous role as Caption Jack Sparrow in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film.


One outlet that has caught the attention of many fans online is the petition on change.org that already has over 437,000 signatures and counting with end goal of 500,000.


Fans are petitioning that Disney has to bring back Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow unless the actor himself no longer wishes to be casted in the movie.


An industry insider has also claimed that if Johnny Depp’s court case with his ex-girlfriend goes into a retrial, there is speculation that Disney may consider rehiring him again.


“Hearing Disney talked to Depp that if the court will agree to do a retrial with the Sun and he wins they’ll re-discuss things,” Daniel Richtman claimed, via Patreon.

Daniel Richtman

Finally, a famous YouTuber has spread rumors online that Disney has already hired Johnny Depp, but there is absolutely no proof of the accusation.


On January 21st of this year, a well known YouTuber named Viral Vision, shared his video online explaining to fans that Disney has quietly rehired Johnny.


In reality, it looks like the only real reason Johnny Depp could be rehired by Disney is by clearing his name legally in court.

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