I really love the Kia Forte

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I have driven a lot of cars, and I don’t always love the smaller ones… I am not a huge fan of feeling cramped in a car, but the Kia Forte isn’t like that. It’s like driving a big ‘ol SUV when you sit in the driver’s seat it’s so roomy!

Kia Forte FrontI also totally geeked out about how much storage space there was… and there was SERIOUSLY some storage space. The trunk is huge, and I am totally in love with the center console.

But seriously, look at this trunk!

Junk In The Trunk Kia Forte


But dude, one of my least favorite part of small cars is the dinky cup holders. AND GUESS WHAT!! The Kia Forte has AWESOME cup holders. Check them out!

full size cup holders


The Kia forte really has made me question getting another SUV. I loved driving this little thing around town. It parked with ease and it was all around just a great car. I am so falling in love with Kia cars, and the forte only furthered my love affair. Would I drive it again? HECK YES!!! SIGN ME UP!

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