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Nicolas Cage Opens Up About Ex-Wife, Lisa Marie Presley’s Death

Lisa Marie Presley’s ex-husband, Nicolas Cage, is speaking out about the tragic death of his ex-wife, and it makes the news of her passing oh-so-much harder to take.

I was simply devastated by the news of Lisa Marie Presley’s cardiac arrest and sudden passing.

She was only 54 years old, and that hits just a little too close to home.

Lisa Marie was entirely too young for such a tragic death.

According to TMZ, first responders rushed to Lisa Marie’s home after someone called into 9-1-1 regarding an emergency at the home.

At the time, it was presumed Lisa Marie suffered cardiac arrest (a heart attack).

A source close to Lisa Marie told TMZ that her housekeeper found her unresponsive in her bedroom.

At about the same time, Lisa’s ex-husband, Danny Keough, got home from taking the kids to school and performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

ICYMI, Danny and Lisa Marie, while divorced, have been living together for quite awhile.

Paramedics were able to get a pulse back, but it wasn’t enough.

Priscilla Presley, her mom, was the one who released the tragic news to the world.

-Priscilla Presley

My beloved daughter Lisa Marie was rushed to the hospital. She is now receiving the best care. Please keep her and our family in your prayers. We feel the prayers from around the world, and ask for privacy during this time.

Priscilla Presley

NOW, Nic Cage is responding to the tragedy, and you may need to grab a Kleenex.

Lisa Marie Presley began dating Nicolas Cage in 2001, married him in 2002, and were divorced by 2004.

Sure, it was a whirlwind romance, but it was, in the words of Lisa Marie, “unbelievably good.”

We’re both so dramatic and dynamic that when it was good it was unbelievably good, and when it was bad it was just a f**king bloody nightmare for everybody

Lisa Marie Presley

Nicolas has never really spoken out about their marriage or divorce. It makes the fact that he chose to make a statement that much more sad.

This is devastating news. Lisa had the greatest laugh of anyone I ever met. She lit up every room, and I am heartbroken. I find some solace believing she is reunited with her son Benjamin.

Nicolas Cage