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Parents Are Putting Their Hands Out In Front Their Kids For A New TikTok Challenge and It’s One I Can Get Behind

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There is a new challenge going around TikTok, and THIS one I can get behind — unlike some of the other more idiotic challenges that have gone viral. Ha!

In this particular TikTok challenge you simply hold out your hand to your child, and then see what their reaction is.

I could watch the results of these challenge videos All. Day. Long!!

Some of them are just plain sweet — as you might predict, the child reaches out and holds the hand that is offered to them.

A couple of them are hilarious — the kids put the hand in their mouth. LOL!! Why? I don’t know!

In some of them, the kids put their face in the hand — which is also so sweet!! *Heart Eyes Emoji*

There are a few where the kids refuse to do anything, or to give their parents whatever is in their hands.

One little girl even spits her gum out into the hand that is put out in front of her.

Sometimes the kids simply surprise you, and it melts your heart.

Then, there is my FAVORITE — the girl who picks her nose, and wipes the booger in the hand. LOL!!

I could seriously watch these for hours! They make me smile, and sometimes that’s all we need in life.

If you want to see even more videos like this on TikTok, search the hashtag #putyourhandoutinfrontofyourkid.

You won’t be sorry you did.

Seriously — these videos simply made my day!!

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