People Are Saying Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Are Pregnant With Baby Number Two

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Is that a pregnancy glow that Meghan Markle is rocking?! Because everyone seems to think that she and Prince Harry are expecting baby number two!


While there are no visible signs that Meghan is carrying baby number two, people are still convinced that there is a strong chance of her being pregnant!

Meghan and Harry welcomed their first child into this world on May 6th of 2019, making him now 10 months old.


With little Archie being as adorable as he is, could you blame them if they were ready for another one already?! I know I couldn’t!

Now that the couple is stepping away from royal life to focus on their family, it wouldn’t be a bad time for a new addition in my opinion!


Some people are speculating that she was sporting a pregnancy glow in her recent appearances, and I have to say she does look rather radiant and glowing.

But then again, Meghan is already incredibly beautiful, maybe she just found a good highlighter!


According to betting aggregate site Mybettingsites.co.uk, a “royal betting frenzy” has ensued since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex began making their final joint official engagements last week.

In the UK, they report the odds have been cut to a “record low” of 2/11 that Meghan is pregnant, alluding to “an 85 percent chance that the rumours of an announcement are accurate”. Put in real money terms, it means that if you made a £1 bet based on these odds, your return would be £1.18 – and an 18p profit isn’t exactly going to make you rich enough to afford a house deposit any time soon. In other words, the bookies think it’s more likely to happen than it’s not.


While there is no evidence that Meghan is actually pregnant, let’s all send the couple happy wishes if they are expecting!

Although we may not find out if rumors are true considering the couple is stepping out of the Royal spotlight to lead a more private life!


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