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Pillsbury Is Releasing Hot Cocoa Cookie Dough Stuffed With Marshmallow Chips That Can Be Eaten Raw

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I am so ready for Fall y’all! This is bringing those Fall tastes to me right now! The Pillsbury Ready to Bake Hot Cocoa Cookie Dough is here and it is limited edition!


This one has been upgraded this year and is now safe to eat raw! I know many of you ate it raw already, but I’ve never been a raw dough eater.

These new safe to eat raw doughs are making me so happy, I feel almost like a rebel to my former self… but safe haha!

The Pillsbury Limited Edition Hot Cocoa Cookie Dough makes 12 big cookies that remind you of your favorite fall and winter drink! The cookies have marshmallow flavored chips in them!

It looks like you can buy them at Walmart for $2.50! I assume they will be in most of our larger stores too! Do you plan to eat them baked or raw? I’m going all-in for raw!


The Walmart website shows the old packaging which says “please do not eat raw cookie dough”. But since Pillsbury is changing everything over to the safe to eat raw line, I am sure they have the new ready to eat in stock in stores now.

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