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These Goggles Are So Comfortable, They Won’t Even Tear Your Hair Out and Everyone Needs Them

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Where have these been all of my life? Years of struggles, crying, hair pulling, with just plain pain in the butt goggles, and then I find this magic! Talk about perfection and boom…add to cart right now!


Of course, these were designed by a brilliant mama named Ashley Carson. She was tired of the struggle and decided to solve it! So huge props to you Ashley!


They are called Splash Swim Goggles and they are completely genius! They are one size fits all and work for both kids and adults. They are hypoallergenic, and latex-free which is so important to me because I happen to be allergic to latex.


They are made with PVC-free fabric that stretches to fit. No adjusting and readjusting them for a proper fit. No pulling and breaking hair, no crying kids! Also, no crying mama!


They have a huge variety of designs and colors to choose from too! They come solid colors, as well as patterns and designs. Some of the designs include dinosaurs, mermaids, sharks, unicorns, and even donuts!


Personally, I am getting the “Merica” design, because I love stars and the red, white, and blue! I’m also digging the Flamingo design!


You can order your own Splash Swim Goggles on Amazon for only $19.95 each. I am so thrilled to be able to get these for myself and the kids! Lake and pool time just got so much better!


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  1. I do not see if they are made for adults??? Would love ja pair for me.

  2. I am trying to purchase the goggles for my daughter, and the link sends me to different products on amazon, but not those same goggles. how else can I order?

    1. The link sends you to the page on Amazon that shows all of them. Just click on one of the sets that you like. 🙂