If You See Street Characters In Big Cities, You May Want To Avoid Them. Here’s Why.

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Have you ever been to a big city — Hollywood, New York, Las Vegas — and seen those characters walking around the streets?

You know, the knock-off Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Elmo, Show Girls, Captain America, Spider-Man? There are a ton of different ones walking around.

If and when you see them, you might want to run the other way.

Turns out, they aren’t just your friendly neighborhood characters there to say hi and snap a selfie.

They want money. And, lots of it.

If you think about it, it’s kind of a scam.

Here’s what they do.

They will ask you if you want a picture of them or with them. Sometimes they will just jump into your shot, photobomb style.

Often, they will even tell you that it’s FREE to get a picture with them.

That seems all nice and innocent.

HOWEVER, after their face is your picture, they are going to tell you that you owe them money.

They might call it a “Tip” for their services.

Only, these “Tips” don’t come cheap.

Although they told you it was FREE to get a picture with them, they will try to get you to dish out $30 or more.

If there’s more than one of them, they EACH want that tip.

Watch it, because they can get belligerent and aggressive if you don’t hand over the money.

If you don’t want to cough up $30+, and you don’t want an uncomfortable scene, it’s better to just avoid them altogether.

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