That Crazy Thing That Makes Me So Totally Me

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This post was sponsored by the SunChips brand, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

You know how some moms are super into scrapbooking, yoga, and all that other super mom-tastic stuff? Well, I tried it. I tried it all and here’s the thing– those just aren’t my hobbies. My hobby, the thing that makes me so totally me– the thing that makes me unique is totally not a mom-type thing.

And I am totally okay with that. I had lots of fun teaming up with the Sun Chips brand and Mom It Forward to talk about the thing that makes me “Unique in Every Wave!”

What is it that makes me different? Well, you see, here’s the deal. I am a total video game addict.

sun chipsI love video games more than a fourteen year old boy. No lie. Once, in college I quit a job because Phantasy Star Online came out and I just didn’t have time to level up properly AND go to work. (The job, by the way, was actually the manager of a video game store.)

The SunChips brand wants everyone to release their inner free-spirit and celebrate all of the things that make them fun, quirky and “Unique in Every Wave” – whether that’s jamming out in a mini dance session in your office, having an impromptu painting party in the park or embracing that beloved video game habit!

I am all about everyone being who they want to be, doing what they want to do. Which is why I spend my free time playing. It’s the thing that makes me happy. My whole family knows it, and they are totally cool with the fact that on any given evening, while other families are watching reality television, we’re fighting our way to the top of whatever epic video game challenge we can find.

sun chips-0342

And while I play, I love to enjoy SunChips whole grain snacks. Like me, SunChips snacks have always stood out from the crowd. With one-of-a-kind waves and 100 percent whole grains you can see and taste, SunChips whole grain snacks offer an unmistakably delicious snacking experience.

Between work, family and the many obligations in between, it’s easy to lose yourself in the mix. It’s cool to have a hobby, and finding a hobby that’s all your own, but can be shared with your whole family is the best kind of hobby. If you ask me, I am totally lucky.



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