Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

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  • So, I needed a new wrist wallet- I got a COACH one, and I really don’t feel like a Coach kinda girl… it’s cute though… I dunno. #
  • Is quicken online any good? #
  • Lauren Conrad, The next Stephenie Meyer? Lord I hope not. #
  • I think they’re doing away with Microsoft Money. I love that program! How will I know what bills to pay now? #
  • It’s currently 108 degrees here in Lewisville. I probably shouldn’t take my dog with me to the mall, eh? #
  • Someday I will drive this Dolphin Submarine: #
  • I have a whole night to myself with a spotless house and nothing to do… #
  • Sorry about those pocket God Auto-Tweets… that is now what I thought would happen! #
  • I unlocked “Bird Bomb Shaman” in “Pocket God”! #
  • I unlocked “Shark Snap Minion” in “Pocket God”! #
  • Having your home all open for anyone to come see is way weird! I hope we sell fast haha! #
  • Lol @kirstiealley should come with me on my adventure project it would give her something to do! in reply to kirstiealley #
  • Like- where the heck did Sam’s parents come from I thought they were in Paris and they just showed up in Egypt? #
  • The plot holes in Transformers were so big- I could have drove Optimus Prime right through them. #
  • If the only thing that can kill a Prime is another Prime then HOW did they kill Optimus Prime to begin with? #
  • About to see transformed with the hubby. They better blow some shiz up. #
  • I don’t know who loves Yo Gabba Gabba more… me or my 4 year old. #
  • I think we’re going to go see Transformers tonight! I remember when I used to be cool and went to see movies on opening weekend! #
  • Peaches come in a can they were put there by a man in a factory down south #
  • RT @TheFabulousDG: #unacceptable getting out of the car and the back of your legs are sweating. Nice. Texas heat knows no a/c boundaries. #
  • I did a little video on my adventure project thoughts! Complete with snarky annotations OF COURSE! #
  • Like, I want to send my realtor a map that has every city within a certain mile radius circled… so he knows where I want to live #
  • lol I should have mentioned that I am trying to do this VIRTUALLY! haha I meant on the computer! LMAO! #
  • Okay, I am looking for something I can use to draw a circle, etc. around a specific place on a map any ideas? #
  • Love me some old school Britney ♫ #
  • Look at this Albino baby sea turtle! #
  • Why don’t I know how to make a snappy intro video for my vlogs? hmmm? #
  • What’s th best free app to Twitter from on your iPhone if you’re a total Twitter noob? #
  • I’m always amazed at how seamlessly childred play together even when they don’t speak the same language. #
  • The husband has some serious wife aggro right now. Grrrr #
  • Remember that crazy new thing I got myself involved in I told you guys about earlier? Here it is! #
  • I really need to own the shark fin ice tray #
  • Meeting someone… really scared for the meeting… it’s something (not writing related) but CRAZY that I am about to get involved in! #
  • In the next book I write… I want there to be a DRAGON… I like dragons. #
  • When I finish reading a book, I feel a small tinge of jealousy for the published, successful author that is not me. 🙂 #
  • I can’t believe THIS is the right way to open a banana (no sarcasm!) #
  • Tweet @dealsplus and win a Macbook Air and iPod Touch! #
  • What do YOU do when your kid wants to quit their organized sports or fance classes? #
  • Hey DFW tweeps-It’s a tweetup! #
  • I read this, and in the comments we’re talking about level of professionalism in blog comments versus tweets. Opinions? #
  • There’s a for sale sign out in front of my house! It’s crazy! We’ve just lived here SO long- I can’t believe we are going to move! #
  • I need to own one of these: #
  • I wonder if people will charge people to advertise on their twitter avatars. #
  • Have you guys tried the candy Sunday from sonic?? Yum-o! And it’s a buck! #
  • WTF syfy is trending? #
  • Hey cell phone kiosk guy. I’m actually on my cell phone right now. I won’t be needing your plan that saves me money. #
  • So I didn’t think I would care about mj’s funeral, but I kinda do. #
  • Met my dad for lunch at the mall. Need to get home before 2 so I can meet a realtor. Busy day zomg! #
  • The internet overdose song… it’s so cute! #
  • Come on #moonfruit – you guys love me, right? #
  • Don’t you love when your mom calls you and she’s in a horrible mood? Makes the morning SO much fun! #
  • Damn you @realjohngreen for keeping me up until 4am with your snappy writing! #
  • Whoa! When I pre-ordered my kindle copy of a book two days ago, it was 15.99, and now today-the day it should come out-it’s 9.99! #
  • If a beta reader says “Seems like someone always has this line right before a mission.” Does that mean I didn’t make it a catch phrase? #
  • So if you get a book on your kindle and it’s slated to be released on a certain date, does that happen at midnight or what? #
  • Taking pictures of the house to put it up on the market… squee! #
  • I feel like before I can properly research my steampunk novel I need to live in London for a few years #
  • RT @seanreiser: do I really live in a country where people are scalping tickets to a funeral? #
  • I do love when Texas is a trending topic! What’d we do this time? #
  • Hands down best use of twitter ever: #
  • for those of you going to six flags this year, ma I suggest skipping the Texas Giant #
  • Is it sad that I have enough crap to make a trip to goodwill once a month? #
  • RT @fyouimfromtexas: I was just learning to loooove… #moonfruit #
  • ugh… there are two drowning headlines on the dallas morning news website this morning. #
  • Daughter: Mama, there’s a Rockin’ Robin sitting on our fence. #
  • RT @MariKurisato: HA! RT @jay_lake: #funny Charles Dickens walks into a bar and orders a martini. Bartender says, “Olive or twist?” #
  • Now that I have partials and fulls out… I am having a lot of trouble not checking my email like a mad woman. #
  • 3 in the afternoon? I’m tires as hell. 3am? I’m playing a puzzle game on my iPhone just to fall asleep. #
  • RT @miss_ashleyc: #Moonfruit, point at me! #
  • RT @nickolaswriter: Mmmm…. #moonfruit and yogurt… #
  • I was going to edit… instead I’m watching Ugly Betty haha that’s the same thing, right? #
  • It’s random woot shirt day! #
  • lol I can’t believe #mileyispregnant is trending poor @mileycyrus #
  • RT @ToddVaters: I really have nothing to say about Michael Jackson, Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus or Public Enemies. I’m just riding the wave #
  • When you’re a writer, it’s not awkward for people to say you have a great climax. #
  • haha yes! The husband called and is bringing the keeys hoo-ray! #
  • My husband left with my keys in his console, and now he’s not answering his phone. Frustrating MUCH??? #
  • Do I need to get the latest flip video recorder or can I just get like the hundred dollar job? #
  • I think I want one of those little flip cameras… does anyone have one and like it? #
  • oh yaay! Janet Evanivich’s Finger Lickin Fifteen is coming to my Kindle on July 7! #
  • Doesn’t Susan Boyle have that look like she should be playing one of the teachers in the Harry Potter movies? #
  • I really really appreciate the awesomeness that is absolute write #
  • Okay… the flags are officially off my thumbs and I painted them a bright green instead 🙂 #

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  1. BTW I saw your tweet before about the dolphin personal submarines and I SO WANT ONE!!! HAHA! I sent my dad the link and made him watch the video. Told him I want one for Christmas – yeah right!
    .-= Angeltown´s last blog ..Summer So Far! =-.

  2. BTW I saw your tweet before about the dolphin personal submarines and I SO WANT ONE!!! HAHA! I sent my dad the link and made him watch the video. Told him I want one for Christmas – yeah right!
    .-= Angeltown´s last blog ..Summer So Far! =-.

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