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Long, Wavy Nails Are The Hottest New Beauty Trend And We Are Here For It

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Wavy lips were a trend and now so are wavy nails.

I am a big fan of getting my nails done, especially acrylics, although I’m not quite sure if I could get used to this design.

I tried long acrylics once in my life (or at least they were long for me) and they looked gorgeous; however, I couldn’t get anything done with them on and if you want the wavy shape, you’re going to need to get used to a longer length.


You can do pretty much anything when it comes to acrylics, there are so many shapes and designs but this, this is a design I’m not sure I’m on board with!


The wavy acrylics have a pointed end similar to the stiletto shape, with curves from the tip of your regular nail almost all the way to the end. Thus, creating the wavy nail.

My only concern would be breaking a nail! The wavy design makes these nails look sort of fragile and the last thing you need is to break a nail after paying 60 dollars at the salon.


Although I do have to admit, some of these designs look pretty cool with the wavy shape and as always, you shouldn’t knock it until you’ve tried it!


Although for me personally, I think I’ll just stick to the regular square shape.


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