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‘Wentworth’ Season 8 Is Now On Netflix And I’m About To Binge-Watch It!

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If you have never watched ‘Wentworth’, you need to get on that right away because season 8 just released on Netflix today! If you have watched it before, then I know you have to be a fan!


For those that have never watched ‘Wentworth’, this is an Australian television show that is based in a women’s prison. Basically, if you like ‘Orange Is The New Black’ you will love ‘Wentworth’ because it is so much better! The first few seasons focus on a character they call “Red”, you will love her!


‘Wentworth’ is a reboot of an old Australian television show called ‘Prisoner’. I would love to watch the originals which ran from 1979 to 1986. The storyline for this show is so good!


I don’t want to tell you too much about the series in case you are not caught up. I would hate to spoil it for you. We are a year behind on watching the series here in the US. So next year season 9 will air and it will be the final season of this amazing drama.


You can watch the trailer for season 8 of ‘Wentworth’ below, or if you’re like me… head to the couch NOW and just start binge-watching! I’m going to be so sad when this series ends with season 9!

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