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World Market Just Announced They Are Closing Their Stores

Y’all. World Market is closing their doors until April 3rd! They are next on the growing list of stores that are closing their doors due to the coronavirus.

We JUST received the TEXT about the closing on our phones.

This is HUGE. For one, it’s one of my favorite stores. BUT, for TWO, they carry quite a supply of food and drink items.

You can still purchase things from their website, including packaged food and baking supplies.

Courtesy of World Market

The World Market website offers free shipping on orders over $49. TRUST me, you can easily find $49 worth of awesome stuff from World Market.

Courtesy of World Market

You may as well make the most of staying home. Head on over to their website, and see what all they have!

Courtesy of World Market

You might even find some clothing or accessories you love, and can’t live without. I am a bit obsessed.

Courtesy of World Market

I’m sad to see them close their doors, but I’m glad they are being responsible, and doing what is best for the community and their employees.

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