People Are Filling Their Bathtubs with Snow and I Wish I Would Have Thought of That

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I’ve lived in Utah my entire life and I am learning from all these creative geniuses in Texas right now.

I mean, people are thinking of the most crazy and inventive ways to keep warm, supply water and ya know, just survive the crazy weather that has unfolded.

I mean flower pot heaters – genius, right?

And the newest idea – filling your bathtub with snow!

While this seems like it’d be a fun activity for kids (and it is) that is not the reason here…


People are actually filling their bathtubs with snow and allowing it to melt. They are plugging their tubs so when it’s melted, they can use the water for things like flushing their toilets.

Yes, people in places like Texas have been without water for days and this is a great way to reuse something that would melt anyways.

I find this completely genius, don’t you?

So, the next time it snows like crazy and you risk running out of water, remember throw it into your tub and plug the tub so when it melts, you have water to use!

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  1. That’s a good idea but snow doesn’t have that much actual water in it. Granted, something is better than nothing but snow is about 1/10th water. Great for emergencies but not something that’s practical in everyday life.