Brittle Bone Medication Can Help Your Baldness

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As we age things tend to go south and by south I mean, many of us see that unwanted bald spot. Before we know it, our hair is falling off in chunks and we are looking to where we can find a toupée as good as Trump’s. But now there is a better solution because Brittle Bone Medication Can Help Your Baldness!

Um, what?

According to recent research, scientists may have found that shampooing with a drug designed to treat brittle bones could help cure baldness within days!

Days? It takes days for a piece of bread to mold so, hearing about hair regrowing is quite exciting.

It works by blocking a naturally occurring protein that kills off growth and plays a key role in male baldness.

Experts are “optimistic” the treatment, known as WAY-316606, could one day help millions of men.

Researchers found the drug, originally developed for osteoporosis, boosted growth from human hair follicles in just two days.

But what about for women? We experience hair loss too – hello, has anyone ever seen the amount of hair that falls out after having a baby? It’s like a giant spider shed his fur in your shower!

Scientists are now looking into doing clinical trials for the drug to be used in hair gels, shampoos, etc.

Wouldn’t be amazing to feel that wind in your hair again?!

You can read the full story here.

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