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Cotton Candy Grapes Are Back In Stores And I’m Stocking Up Now

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Cotton Candy Grapes are BACK, just in time to bring some sunshine to our day!

Courtesy of Grapery

Have you guys tried Cotton Candy Grapes? They are weirdly awesome.

Courtesy of Grapery

They are sometimes VERY hard to find, but that is because they are so good, and that, combined with the novelty of eating cotton candy flavored grapes, makes them FLY out of most stores.


But, do they REALLY taste like cotton candy? YES!! They totally have a sweet cotton candy essence. It is so wildly bizarre.

These grapes usually hit grocery stores in the fall, but GUESS WHAT — they have been spotted in some stores right now!!


YES, I’m totally serious. Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW, and go get ya some before they are gone!


Now, you may be thinking, “But, I don’t want to go INTO a grocery store right now.”

Dude — Instacart! It’s the way to go. They will deliver the grapes to your house!

These grapes usually run about $2 – $4 per pound, so expect to pay a bit more for this Willy-Wonka sounding fruit. You will NOT regret the purchase!

I, a little embarrassingly, paid $6 for a pound of Cotton Candy Grapes the first time I tried them. I just HAD to see what the hype was about! WORTH IT!!


The GENIUS people at the Grapery, in California of course, are the ones who painstakingly crossed many different varieties of grapes to come out with this perfectly fluffy sweet flavor.


Why are you still reading this? Go to your store NOW, and get some Cotton Candy Grapes!

They have been spotted at Costco, Sam’s Club, Aldi, and a few other local grocery stores.

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