‘Covid Shots’ Are The New Way People Are Celebrating Being Vaccinated and We Are Here For It

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When is the last time you’ve had a shot?

No, I am not talking about the one that goes in the arm, I am talking about the one you drink.

Well, people are taking this whole covid shot thing to the next level with “Covid Shots” and they sound tasty.


In celebration of getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, many people are creating drinks named after the different vaccines. Aka Covid Shots.


Honestly, they sound delicious and I can’t wait to try them.

Some restaurants are even offering free covid themed shots if you show proof of your vaccination. I mean, sounds good to me!

Here’s How You Make Covid Shots That You Can Drink

The Moderna Shot

Named after the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine, this shot packs a punch. A punch of flavor that is…


  • A shot of Malibu Rum
  • A shot of Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice

The Pfizer Shot

Named after the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, this one brings a bit of spice to it.


  • A shot of fireball
  • A shot of ginger beer

The Johnson and Johnson Shot (J&J)

Named after the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine, this is a combined 1 shot.


  • 1 Shot of 1/2 Jameson Whiskey and 1/2 Jack Daniels

The Astra Zeneca Shot

Although you can’t get the actual vaccine in the U.S., we didn’t want to leave anyone out so we included a shot for this one as well.


  • 1 Shot Absinthe
  • 1 Shot Everclear

These drinks were shared by TikTok user nightwindnyc but people all over social media are making similar drinks.


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