Did You Know There’s A Reason McDonald’s Coke Tastes Better?

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Almost anyone with kids has spent more than their fair share of time sitting on those little plastic/metal chairs at McDonald’s, sipping away at a Coke, while the kids were burning off energy on the playground. And during that time, you may have also noticed that the Coke’s at Micky D’s are way better than what you can get anywhere else…did you ever wonder why though? Here’s the real reason why McDonald’s Coke Tastes Better.

McDonald's soda

Did You Know There’s A Reason McDonald’s Coke Tastes Better?

First, it isn’t the syrup. I know you think that’s why, but you’re wrong. Actually, while most restaurants have their syrups delivered in plastic bags, Coca-Cola brings McDonalds special stainless steel containers that keep things just a little fresher and  preserve the ingredients better. So while they don’t add extra syrup, they do take steps to make sure the syrup is served as identically as possible at all of their restaurants.

You should know, too, that while they don’t give you extra syrup, the melting ice and how much it dilutes the drinks is taken into consideration with their syrup ratio. So if you’re like me and ask them to hold the ice, you actually ARE getting a slightly sweeter drink than those who go full cube.

Second, it’s cold. Like, really cold. While McDonald’s has been known in the past for their hot coffee, it should probably be recognized for its cold carbonated beverages. Cold temperatures hold carbonation better, so by serving it just a little cooler than their competitors, McDonalds is able to make the carbonation last longer and more bubbly means a better taste.

Not only that, but their straws are slightly bigger so more of that carbonated goodness hits your tastebuds all at once. Apparently, with straws at least, bigger really IS better.

Third, McDonalds really wants you to love your soda, so they actually filter the water more than most to keep the quality even higher. In fact, they invest a lot of money into keeping their double filtration system well maintained and working better than anyone else’s system.

I mean, think about it…better drinks means parents don’t mind sitting as long to watch the littles run in circles through the playground.

Pretty smart, McDonalds!

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  1. You are spreading misinformation. I worked at McDonald’s as well as my wife and they use syrup boxes and it is just a slight amount more syrup. The stainless tanks are co2

  2. Isn’t the carbonation added to the syrup via tanks of Nitrogen along with the water when dispensed?

  3. I don’t McDonald’s has the best Coke. I think their Coke tastes a little off. It tastes sweeter than normal. The best Coke is always from Chinese restaurants for some reason. It has a “bold” flavor, not overly sweet like McDonald’s. The McDonald’s Coke tastes like Pepsi.

  4. Not anymore! They started using the plastic cups and they don’t taste right anymore.

  5. I totally agree with the last commenter. The McDonald’s coke is no longer good. Something has definitely changed. Now they taste horrible like Burger King coke… the worst. I would love to know what happened because McDonald’s is the only place I would get a coke from. No more. Yuck .

  6. I loved Mcd’s coke, but since they went to the new cups they don’t have the same taste…so sad

    1. You can still get the paper cups, the foam cups are for winter, and often gets saved into may for when they run out of cups, they lose more coke this way, as the foam cups are bigger. Mcdonalds is trying to push to be eco-friendly, they wouldn’t use plastic cups, and if they did have plastic cups, it would be a temporary rollout, that I haven’t had at any of my local McDonalds, in-fact they’re trying to push for paper straws, which would impact the taste more than this.

  7. You have clearly never had a Sonic Coke…there is no comparison.

    1. Sonic in my town is not good, taste watered down.

  8. I always prefer MCDONALD sodas and have wondered why. Thanks for the info!!

  9. I was wondering the same for years lol.
    Thank you for this!

  10. Well I’m drinking a Mikey D Coke right now and it does not taste as good as you think it does. The movie house in town actually has the best tasting Coke where I live, but who has the money to go to the movies everyday or just to go buy a drink and popcorn?

  11. Not the one near me. The ice machine is always broken, or the the pop is flat, or not enough syrup or comes out of the dispenser WARM. For $3 a pop, it’s incredibly frustrating.

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