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Gabby Petito’s Murder is Getting Made Into a Lifetime Movie

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It hasn’t even been a year since Gabby Petito’s disappearance and murder and already a movie about her story is in play.

Many called it from the beginning that a movie would eventually be made as this bizarre story caught the attention of news outlets across the nation.

According to reports, the movie will air as a Lifetime Movie and will be called “The Gabby Petito Story”.

The movie will explore the relationship between Gabby and her fiancé Brian Laundrie.

It will also showcase what may have gone wrong during their cross-country trip that ultimately resulted in her murder and eventually Brian’s suicide.

Thora Birch is set to co-star and will Gabby Petito’s mother. She will also direct the movie.

While there is no exact air date, we do know it’ll be filmed in Utah over the summer and premiere later in the year.

This was such a sad and unfortunate story and I am curious if there is more to the story than authorities and news stations led on. I mean, there has to be, right?

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