20 Gifts For Teachers Kids Can Make

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Teachers love cute handmade gifts from their students (trust me, I was one!) but you want to make sure they’re still nice enough to be considered a gift. Check out these 20 gifts for teachers kids can make!

This list of homemade gifts for teachers will warm the heart of your kid's teacher

20 Gifts For Teachers Kids Can Make

  1. Three ingredient bath salt is my go-to gift! Teachers are all about relaxing.
  2. Homemade BBQ sauce is such a cool gift, and your kids will love telling the teacher they helped put it all together!
  3. This super-fly pour vase is amazing on every level. I want one for myself!
  4. Love this kid-made sugar scrub. It’s so simple, and looks totally fancy!
  5. We made these fancy pinecones and put them in a decorative bowl. The teachers loved it!
  6. These glitter candles are way adorable!
  7. Teachers are always losing their pencils, so these duct tape pencil toppers are the perfect gift.
  8. Everyone on your teacher-gifting list will love this DIY fabric brooch.
  9. I had no idea you could make your own bath bombs! Awesome!
  10. This little felt heart keyring is perfect for the teacher who is always losing her keys.
  11. For younger kids, these painted bowls are a perfect and easy gift to give!
  12. These hand-knit bracelets are a great kid-made gift for your little knitter!
  13. Kids can help put together these adorable little gift baskets.
  14. Make awesome teacher soap. I LOVE this!
  15. Thanks-a-latte cups are perfect for coffee obsessed teachers.These awesome gifts for teachers are all homemade with love from their kids
  16. Or you could try this take on the sharpie mug. Even non-writers can make this!
  17. Wait, sugar scrub comes in cubes? Who knew?
  18. These pencil holder jars would be a super cool gift if you filled them with pencils and pens.
  19. Teachers totally need emergency chocolate. This is brilliant.
  20. Your kids can make these DIY monogrammed tumblers for all the teachers they have!

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  1. Really great ideas! I think the bath bombs and salts are especially great for those poor tired and stressed out teachers. Thanks for the list!