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‘Hamilton’ Is Coming To Disney+ An Entire Year Earlier Than Planned And I Can’t Wait

Leave it to Disney to bring us a bright spot of news amongst the dreary virus pandemic, Tracker Jacker migration*, and alien sightings.

Courtesy of Disney+

Hamilton, the musical turned movie release, is coming straight to Disney+ on July 3rd, just in time for Independence Day! *Squee*

It is forgoing it’s theatrical release — you know, since all the theaters are closed right now.

I know SO many people that just sang for joy over this news! (Get it — SANG for joy?!?)

This is QUITE the big deal, with Broadway tickets to the musical completely selling out. For many, the only way to see Hamilton any time soon is on the big — er, the Disney — screen.

In case you don’t know — first of all, HOW do you not know this — Hamilton is the musical hip-hop adaptation of the life of Alexander Hamilton, the FIRST Secretary of the Treasury.

I know, it sound weird, but it is SO good!! This play has won over 10 Tony Awards, and is one of the most — if not THE most — popular shows on the Broadway circuit.

Lin-Manuel — the show’s creator and ORIGINAL star — woke up EARLY this morning to announce the news on Good Morning America, and to Tweet the news out to the Twitterverse.

COME ON, July 3rd! I’ve got my singing voice all prepped and ready to belt out a tune or two with the cast of Hamilton.

Thank you, Disney+ for making it possible to watch this EPIC musical from the comfort of my own couch!

*Murder Hornets are in the United States. It’s more fun to call them Tracker Jackers, though!