How You Can Help Your Elderly or At-Risk Neighbor

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As the virus spreads more places are going on shelter-in-place orders. We need to think about our elderly and at-risk neighbors.

I have read too many stories of elderly men and women out in grocery stores, saddened and confused because there is no food or toilet paper. Basic human needs.

They can’t go from store to store to store hunting all day. They can’t go out every day either. This applies to the chronically ill as well as the elderly community.

I saw a post on my local NextDoor community app. It read…

If you are an older person, with or without health issues, and you are concerned about going out but need errands, shopping, Rx picked up, etc…please reach out to me and I will help you. This is a free service…I just want our older citizens to be safe!

Nextdoor poster (name withheld for privacy)

Y’all, this is what you do! I was so touched to read this post. We need to think about other people too!

I am stressed every time I have to run out. In fact, I have a crucial RX waiting for me right now. Sigh… last time it took hours for me to pick up my RX. I’m placing myself smack dab in the middle where all of the sick people go.

It sucks. I have a compromised immune system. There are people that are way worse off than me though and I find myself worrying about them.

If you are already going out, make a call and ask if someone else needs something that maybe you could find while you are out.

Check on them! Help them! If you are going out anyhow, why not help someone else too?

I still have hope for all of us to be kinder, better people because of this. Yes, there is a lot of ugliness, but look at the good. Focus on the positive.

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