Kardashians Think Jordyn Woods Interviewing with Jada Pinkett Smith Is Ridiculous And So Do I

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Jordyn Woods is the chick who Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian with.

And she will forever be known as that and nothing more in my book. Because that’s what she deserves.


Ugh, basically this chick is the worst of the worst. She got with her best friend’s sister’s man right under her nose, and now she’s searching for anything to extend her fifteen minutes.


She’s doing an interview with Jadah Pinkett Smith for her Red Table Talks (which I usually love), and she’s supposedly going to admit that she got with Tristan totally on her own.

At least she’s not still telling everyone that she was drunk– which is what she first told everyone.


Well, the Kardashians don’t care and they aren’t having it.

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“The family is watching what Jordyn will be up to next. It’s always interesting for them to see how former friends act once they are not a part of the family any more,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Good. She doesn’t deserve anything but the cold shoulder.

I still can’t figure out what TT was thinking.



Oh and as for Khloe?

She’s doing just fine.

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