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LuLaRoe Instagram Stories Covers (Free Download)

Part of being a LuLaRoe retailer means keeping up with the latest social media trends. You may have noticed a friend’s Instagram looking extra colorful lately and that is thanks to Instagram Stories Covers. If you are a LuLaRoe retailer, I’ve made LuLaRoe Instagram Stories Covers that are free for you to download and use! Enjoy!

LuLaRoe Instagram Stories Covers (Free Download) #lularoe #instagram #coverstories #freeprintable #instastories


LuLaRoe Instagram Stories Covers

To get your free LuLaRoe Instagram Stories Covers simply click on any of the boxes (images) below. Then download to your computer, phone or tablet. Below are white backgrounds with the colored logo and text on each image. These are in compliance with the LuLaRoe colors and fonts.

And in case you are wanting a different look, we’ve even included some blank ones that are the LuLaRoe colors so you can use them to create your own Instagram Stories Covers!

In case you are wondering how exactly to upload these to Instagram, check out Brittanie’s tutorial on how to make your own Instagram Stories Covers and how to upload them correctly to Instagram!LuLaRoe Instagram Stories Covers (Free Download) #lularoe #instagram #coverstories #freeprintable #instastories

We hope you enjoy these!

LuLaRoe Instagram Stories Covers (Free Download) #lularoe #instagram #coverstories #freeprintable #instastories

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Sunday 11th of March 2018

Well we are all aware to get this thing here.