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Netflix Just Unveiled A New Secret ‘Mystery Box’ Feature Just for Kids

When it comes to Netflix, it can be hard to shy away from re-watching our favorite television shows, especially ones that we might have binged in one night’s worth.

And while Netflix might not have a solution for us adults who like to re-watch the same show over and over again, the streaming company has a way for kids to watch new content online.

Introducing the sparkling new secret ‘mystery box’!

Courtesy of Netflix

A colorful box with a question mark inside when clicked on, reveals different television shows and movies for kids that have not yet watched.

The title of the Mystery Box which is personalized based on the specific shows or movies your kid(s) has watched before at home will be different from the neighbor down the street or friends at school.

“We hope that kids will love the surprise and delight of revealing the next show or film recommended for them,” TJ Marston, Netflix’s director of product innovation for kids and family, wrote in a blog post announcing the feature.

TJ Marston

Similar to several new features of the streaming platform, the Mystery Box is aimed at boosting time spent viewing.

To reveal the mysterious box, parents must log in their kids on the Netflix Kids profile first and in the Favorites row at the top, simply scroll with your remote to locate the rainbow colored box!

After clicking on the secret box with your remote control, the box will unveil a brand new title of a show or movie that hasn’t been watched previously.