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Netflix Just Released The Trailer For ‘Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2’ And It Looks So Good

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Y’all, I am so excited about ‘Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2’! This was one of my favorite shows to watch when I was growing up!

When they brought back a new version I did a little happy dance, and now I am doing it again!

The most chilling mysteries are still unsolved.


Netflix just released the trailer for ‘Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2’ today and it looks so great! The first volume had 6 episodes and that came out back in July.


Why is it important to find out why a person died 25 years ago? People die all the time. I think it’s important for the family to know what happened to her.

‘Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2’ Trailer

‘Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2’ also has 6 episodes that are shown as teaser bits in the trailer. They episodes are about a lady in the lake, the Washington Insider Murder, tsumnami ghosts, stolen kids, a death in Oslo, and a death row fugitive!


If you haven’t watched the first volume, you need to! Also, viewers are encouraged to visit the Unsolved.com website if you have any tips related to any of the stories covered in ‘Unsolved Mysteries’.


‘Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2’ will be available on Netflix on Oct. 19th, of this year! I can not wait! Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think!

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