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Potty Training While Traveling, Can It Really Be Done?

It’s summer which means many of us are planning vacations away from home. Whether it’s camping, glamping, or flying across the country, I think it’s safe to say traveling with kids is tough. Let’s add potty training to the mix and BAM it seems like a recipe for disaster, or does it? Stop asking yourself “Potty Training While Traveling, Can It Really Be Done?” because today we are partnering with the Pull-Ups brand to tell you it can be done by sharing tips on how to make things as smooth as possible!

Potty Training While Traveling, Can It Really Be Done

Potty Training While Traveling, Can It Really Be Done?

I am about to get really positive with you right now. Anything you set your mind to CAN be done! Now I know you are thinking that potty training is rough and trying to do that traveling seems like a joke. I know those diapers look like such an easy and painless way of out it all but don’t you do it!

Going back to putting your child in diapers is like deciding you want chocolate, paying for it, and then taking it back. It hurts, it’s mean, and uncalled for! Making – and sticking with – the training pants transition is important to the potty training journey you’re taking together so put down those diapers while packing and read these 7 tips for potty training while traveling:

  • Schedule time for breaks – Sometimes we get so excited to travel that we forget everyone needs a little break when going from one destination to another. It’s much easier to schedule stops when you are driving but even if you are flying, perhaps schedule times when to go potty or even schedule a layover to allow your little one time to do his/her thing.
  • Travel with a potty in hand – You pack their clothes, their shoes, their favorite blanket, so why not pack up their potty? If you are worried your child’s potty is too bulky or hard to travel with, say no more. They actually make travel potties that are hard on the top but have a bag to make for easy disposal. That way, if your child can’t wait for that scheduled stop, there is another way you can get them to stay with their potty training.
  • Prepare for those unwanted public restrooms – I think it’s safe to say we all don’t really enjoy public restrooms because many of us like that comfort of our own home and privacy for doing our business including our children. However, when traveling public restrooms is typically all you have so prepare for the use of porta potty’s, single stall bathrooms, and remember they can be in any condition. Bring something of your child’s to comfort them in the new place and bring items to keep things as sanitary as possible (disinfectant wipes, etc.).Potty Training While Traveling, Can It Really Be Done FeaturedJust remember that your toddler’s mind doesn’t work like yours – they might not even realize that potties exist in places outside your home. Some kids are amazed when they realize that locations like the grocery store or grandma’s house also have toilets. I would recommend going on a “potty seek and find” mission as soon as you get to your destination. Not only will you learn where the bathroom is, you’ll also take care of any immediate potty needs before you get to your next destination. Something I needed to know as a mom of a little boy was whether or not my little guy should stand while peeing, especially when traveling. Take a look at what Pull-Ups partner and child development expert Dr. Heather explain why standing to pee is a complex skill to teach, and how to teach your boy to pee both sitting down and standing up.

  • Beware accidents happen – As parents we all know that accidents happen so it’s best to be ready for them. With potty training the wetness and blow outs can happen in an instant. Bring several pairs of clothes, Pull-Ups® Training Pants, wipes, hand sanitizer, and anything else you may need to make clean-up as easy as possible when traveling.
  • Go light on the fluids – When traveling sometimes the best way to keep accidents from happening is to prevent them by not giving too many fluids. I am not saying don’t allow your kids to drink at all, I am just saying giving them their 3rd water bottle in a row may not help the situation. Take it easy on the fluids and those stops will be less frequent and easier to handle.
  • Bring the Pull-Ups – I know I said no to diapers but Pull-Ups are training pants and so therefore, I don’t see them as diapers, but rather a tool that’s specifically made to help your child learn potty training skills. They look and fit like underwear, giving your child the independence to slide their pants on and off and teach them valuable skills they can apply later when taking off their underwear and pants to use the potty.



  • Make it a game – Potty training is supposed to be exciting and fun but traveling can make it stressful very quickly. Download a potty training app like the one from Pull-Ups Potty Training Partnership. It makes scheduling those breaks more fun when your child can get involved. You can even sing songs while waiting to go. Whatever you do, make it a game and make it fun for everyone. Pull-Ups also has lots of other easy-to-use games and learning tools to help add fun to potty training.

Take Support with You During Travel

Now you are armed and ready with some of the best tips of potty training while traveling but you might want something more and that’s entirely okay. You can have support with you every inch of the way with the Pull-Ups Potty Training Partnership. You can pull up (no pun intended) the site on your phone, tablet, or electronic device and have access to potty training tips and tricks right at your finger tips.


Maybe it’s even before you start travel that you wonder “Why should I switch to PullUps training pants?”. Personally, the answer is easy because they make potty training so much easier but in case you need a more educated answer from a child development expert like Dr. Heather Wittenberg, here’s one:

No matter what question you have or what advice you need, you can find the information and tools right on the Pull-Ups Potty Training Partnership website. So pack up those clothes and your new found knowledge and have a fantastic vacation!

Happy travels everyone!


Pull-Ups® Training Pants are designed specifically to help teach potty training skills. Try them now at your local retailer and visit the to learn more about the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership and discover your child’s potty personality.


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