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The Season Finale Of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Was So Morbidly Satisfying That I Couldn’t Look Away

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If you haven’t watched the season finale of The Handmaid’s Tale yet….go watch it and come back.

For those of you who have, we need to talk. I was getting a little disappointed with the finale at first because it jsut seemed SO boring and slow. There was no intrigue in my opinion.


But the second June got that evil look on her face saying she was going to put Fred on the wall, I knew it was all about to GO DOWN. So I grabbed my popcorn.

And out of nowhere, we fast track a change of deals, Nick and June get a very hot and heavy make out session in front of Fred, which was satisfying enough, and the Handmaids get their revenge. (quite violently, I might add).


I loved it. I probably loved it more than I should have. But that was the proper justice for Fred. June finally got the revenge she had been craving and the other Handmaids got a literal punching bag.


But of course, we’re all now wondering…now what? From the reaction Luke gave at the very end, it looks like him and June will be seperating. This means Nick and June have a better chance of ending up together, and they make more sense at this point, considering the trauma they’ve both endured.


My hope is that they take down Gilead together, get Hannah back, and all live happily ever after. So now we wait.


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