Since When Did I Become My Mom’s Emergency Contact?

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So, last night my mom calls me and says, “Hey I am putting you down as my emergency contact on my passport stuff, okay.”

“Sure mom, no biggie,” I answered, without thinking about it, like it was actually no biggie.

Then I got off the phone, and I realized that at some point I had become my mom’s emergency contact.   It’s weird to think that in the case of an emergency that she would want them to call me, her daughter, and not her mom.

This is something that happens as we get older, have kids on our own, and are actual responsible adults that can make decisions in the case of an emergency.

It really has me thinking, though. What WOULD I do in case of an emergency with my parents. Would I be able to handle it? I mean, I am totally prepared and have a good understanding of what to do in the case of emergency when it comes to my kids. But, parents? It’s pretty much the same thing… or at least I think it is.

As we get older, it’s something we have to start thinking about, too. Our parents are out there, aging, and truth be told, at some point they will need us. It’s crazy how the script flips like that.

I just hope they don’t ever have to call me.

Just because it’s a thing doesn’t mean it isn’t weird.

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  1. Ok this is the same mom who does not recognize your marriage and does not let you come to their house? Interesting….do you have other siblings?

    Yet she entrusts you as the emergency contact? Not being a smart (_*_) but find it interesting.

    I love your fountain of info and I love your hair! Awesome….