People Are Finding The Starbucks Summer Cups In Stores Now. Here’s What You Can Get

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When Starbucks does a cup release, it’s like Christmas around here. I absolutely the uniqueness of the cups!

Starbucks Summer Launch was originally supposed to release on April 28th.

From there it moved to March 12th, and now has been postponed until May 21st.

However, some stores that already received their orders are going ahead and putting out their cups. And they are GORGEOUS!

There are new tumblers that when held to a light, create a kaleidoscope!!!! How genius is that? I haven’t gotten my hands on one and I’m already in love!

Most of these early releases have been found inside of non-corporate stores such as Kroger and Target. But check anywhere you can to get your hands on some!

I am absolutely loving these season’s color scheme! They are now featuring colored glass water bottles, more reusable cup options, and styles!

They also have another 6-pack of the hot reusable cups available! This one has a super tropical summery theme to it!

The iridescent kaleidoscope tumbler is my favorite of this release. What’s yours?

Some of the items won’t be launching in any stores until May 21st, like the Confetti Color Changing Cups and the Pride Rainbow Studded Tumbler. The Unicorn Cake Pop won’t release until then either.

Leaf Rakers Society

But the items that are already released are going to go fast so run, don’t walk if you want to grab one for yourself! (ask through drive-thrus to stay safe)

If your local Starbucks isn’t open or doesn’t have the cups, your best bet will be the non-corporate stores. These cups have been seen inside of grocery stores all day. So while you’re out getting your essentials, be sure to keep an eye open.

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