25 Scent-sational Sugar Scrubs For Fabulously Flawless Skin

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Harsh weather leaving you with sad skin? No worries, we’ve got the solution: these scent-sational sugar scrubs will leave your skin fabulously flawless, and they all smell ah-maz-ING! Don’t give in to flaky, dry, dusty skin, give it some ‘sugar’ instead! Trust us – you’ll thank us when you’re older. Have fun!

25 Scent-sational Sugar Scrubs For Fabulously Flawless Skin

1. When you make this lime coconut sugar scrub, you’ll definitely feel better.

2. Roses are red, and candy is sweet, but it’s this Valentine strawberry scrub that can’t be beat!

3. Next time you get a craving for something sweet, grab a dollop of this snickerdoodle sugar scrub. All the love, none of the calories.

4. If you want a sugar scrub that’ll perk you up, but keep you calm at the same time, this lavender lemon is sure to do the trick.

5. Delicious-smelling vanilla candy cane smells good enough to eat…but it’s for your skin, not your tongue.

6. Wake up invigorated with exfoliating coffee sugar scrub. It’ll get’cha going.

7. Want to feel like you’re in a spa…at home? Check out this cucumber mint sugar scrub.

8. Very blueberry sugar scrub is what Violet from Willy Wonka dreams about when she showers.

9. You won’t believe how incredible this sage and blackberry sugar scrub smells…or how incredible it’ll make you feel!

10. Want to try something completely different? Check out these sugar scrub bars! It’s all the pampering, with none of the mess.

11. Gotta love a good root beer float…sugar scrub on a hot day. Or any day. Because this one will blow you away!

12. Give your friends the gift of passion tea sugar scrub. It’s almost as sweet as them.

13. Want to feel like you’re a 1940’s glam girl? This coconut rose sugar scrub will give you flashbacks to more pampered days.

14. No actual mermaids were harmed in the making of this mermaid sugar scrub.

15. Don’t eat this chocolate sugar scrub. You’ll want to eat it. And it’ll taste amazing. Because it’s totally edible. But, don’t.

16. Try whipped grapefruit mint sugar scrub on those mornings where you need a little extra ‘gentle’ kick in the pants.

17. You don’t have to be naughty to use this charcoal sugar scrub. In fact, we’d say it’s pretty nice.

18. Try this strawberry margarita lip scrub for lips that are perfectly smooth and kissable.

19. The best part about conversation hearts sugar scrub is finding the heart that says ‘sexy’ and agreeing with it completely.

20. Find your zen space with this chai spice sugar scrub. Your skin will definitely be at peace with this one.

21. Forget about boxes of candy. Try this chocolate covered strawberry sugar scrub next time you’re craving something sweet.

22. Wake up to citrus cinnamon sugar scrub, and you’ll feel bright and just a little spicy all day long.

23. Happiness starts with this vanilla pumpkin spice sugar scrub. It smells like moms house. Really!

24. If fall is your favorite time of year, you can celebrate year round with a spiced apple cider sugar scrub.

25. Or, lean back and relax with this piña colada sugar scrub. You definitely earned THIS vacation!

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  1. I’m making sugar scrubs for shower favors. Im trying to find affordable 2 oz jars. I’ve found a couple places but the shipping brings the price up. Amazon hasn’t been any help either. Any suggestions? I have a business tax ID if you can suggest a wholesale supplier that doesn’t require a minimum. thanks