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Target is Selling The TikTok Viral Mini Pancake Cereal And Breakfast Has Never Tasted So Sweet

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Remember a couple months ago when everyone was making that viral pancake cereal that was trending all over TikTok?

People were making the cereal by placing little dots of pancake mix on the griddle until golden brown.

When the mini pancakes were done, people were dishing up the tiny bit of deliciousness in a bowl with bits of butter and tons of syrup.

Well, hold on to your whisks and spatulas, because you don’t need to stand over a hot stove just to make this yummy cereal anymore.

Thanks to the geniuses at Belgian Boys, you can now find these mini pancakes ready made and just waiting to be dressed up for breakfast.


This limited edition cereal is available exclusively at Target stores, so you better act fast!

Haven’t heard from @belgianboys in awhile… now I know why. They’ve been busy dropping spoon size batter on a skillet and flipping them with a mini spatula. Just so we don’t have to.


Just imagine the possibilities here.

You can add any kind of toppings you want. Nutella and bananas? Sure!! Applesauce and peanut butter? Why not?!? Regular ol’ syrup and butter? Of course!

NEW Limited Edition Belgian Boys Pancake Cereal. Not literal cereal (unless you want it to be) but tiny pancakes you eat out of a bowl with all your favorite toppings and syrup. Super fun way to enjoy pancakes.


One box of these delish mini pancakes sells for less than $6.


Check out your local Target to find this Belgian Boys Pancake Cereal.


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