This Woman Has Fingernails Growing Out Of Her Face!

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Imagine having a condition so rare that you’re literally the only person alive who has it. That’s exactly what happened to Shanyna Isom. This college student was having the time of her life when suddenly everything shifted. Her face started to burn all the time, and her hair started to fall out. When her mom noticed spikes sticking out of her head, they went searching for answers, but her doctors were baffled and no one had answers. It has all the makings of a horror story complete with no hope of getting better. As Shanyna grew more desperate, ready to take her own life, her mom scoured for answers. It wasn’t until they found a real life Dr. House that anyone could help. Take a look!

I truly could not imagine the fear and terror Shanyna felt as she went through this – it truly is the stuff of nightmares. The fact that she survived is a miracle and I hope she never, ever has to go through this again!

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